Natur mag nur eine Vorstellung für uns sein. Die Distanz zu ihr erfolgt auf vielerlei Weise, etwa durch das Vorhandensein von Fenstern. Und natürlich sehen wir durch diese Fenster keine Natur. Vielleicht Landschaft.

Ostsee – verborgene Fracht/Baltic Sea – hidden cargo

In this summer I am going to finish my work on the Baltic Sea and its hidden cargo. The photographs are captured with an old school 4×5″ analog field camera. Film is definitely not dead at all. The picture above is made with my iphone and shows the bad weather we had in northern Europe […]

Eingang, Ausgang

This old door can be found unchanged since decades in my home. It has been there since I can think. It always had a meaning being open or closed. I still think, that closed doors mean nothing bad.

Ostsee – verborgene Fracht/Baltic Sea – hidden cargo 2

I spent the last two weeks capturing new images for my photographic series „Baltic Sea – hidden cargo“ in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. Find the editorial text for this series here. The Baltic Sea is a unique natural area which suffers from human exploitation. This picture below shows the Baltic Sea in the Kurische […]