MINT-Lab auf Schlössern / in kastelen.

Das Projekt MINT-Lab auf Schlössern / in kastelen ist ein internationales Bildungsprojekt für Jugendliche aus den Niederlanden und Deutschland, das an außerschulischen Lernorten wie Schlössern, Burgen und alten Industrieanlagen Schülerinnen und Schüler neugierig auf Berufsfelder im MINT- Bereich macht, indem Forschung und Technik spannend und lebendig vermittelt werden. Die Spielorte dieses Projektes sind mit historischen […]

Architecture and learning.

With my collegue Thomas Mense I created a feature film which deals with the importance of creating new architecture for the needs of schoolkids. Brain research discovered that kids need to move and travel through rooms and open spaces in order to support and improve their ability to study. The brain of children is just […]

UNICEF – Eva Padberg.

I produced a clip for UNICEF Germany. My mate and collegue cinematographer Daniel Gerlich shot it with Topmodel Eva Padberg in Iraq on the Sony A7S Mark II and I had the pleasure to cut and colorgrade it. Eva Padberg is good will ambassador for UNICEF.


Stills from my recent corporate film for Melitta Professional „How we build professional coffee machines“.


My latest work samples in motion picture.  

Musicvideo „SO ODER SO“.

This video was written and directed by Daniel and me. I also shot it on the Canon 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern 14bit raw. The workflow with huge raw data is a bit challenging but in the end it provides an impressing quality. Great for grading. My approach for lighting was to use natural […]

Albumfilm STROM.

We created the Albumfilm for STROM from NULLZWO with a small team and used a Canon 5D Mark III and magic lantern raw. We decided to shoot only in the evening time so the sun was always setting. This allowed us to stretch the shooting over several months trying to keep the continuity in the […]