STROM LP 180g Vinyl.

STROM by Nullzwo „Das geheimnisvolle Duo Nullzwo macht schwelgerischen Gitarrenrock, wie man ihn in der deutschen Musiklandschaft lange vermisst hat.“ Jan WieleFAZ „Ein Kleinod in der deutschen Musiklandschaft. Anhören und verlieben.“Jens Christian Mahnkeatomlabor blog „Auf „Strom“ erwartet den geneigten Hörer deutsche Rockmusik mit Tiefgang. Keine oberflächliche Fast-Food-Musik, kein tumbes Powerchord-Geschrammel, sondern vielmehr eingängige Melodien, eine sehr […]

Albumfilm STROM.

We created the Albumfilm for STROM from NULLZWO with a small team and used a Canon 5D Mark III and magic lantern raw. We decided to shoot only in the evening time so the sun was always setting. This allowed us to stretch the shooting over several months trying to keep the continuity in the […]

Albumteaser STROM.

We shot this teaser using the Canon 5D Mark III, a summicron 35 R lens, a 85mm Nikkor MF 1:1,4 and magic lantern 14bit raw. The idea was to create an atmosphere which fits the mood of STROM. All effects were made in camera. We mainly used old camera filters which were partly broken. Color […]


We made a shooting for the LP „Schalter“ from NULLZWO. The idea was to create a person who participates in providing an image of a band which will not show up as a regular band with pictures of all members. So we invented Jo, a roommate in a flatshare somewhere sometime. Jo loves music and […]